sf art gallery

We are pleased to announce our upcoming collaboration with Smash Gallery reincorporating the " Art Gallery"  portion of our heritage back into the salon. 

Smash Gallery is committed to experiencing the present fully through promoting bold, visionary artists with unique visual perspectives. Smash seeks out artists who explore the limits of perception, and who revel in redefining what is possible with their work. The Gallery strives to create a welcoming, engaging, and accessible environment that promotes exploration and possibility, and facilitates the success of their artists.

smash gallery

As Smash Gallery focuses on showcasing unusual, visually arresting, and one-of-kind artworks where artists and collectors are paired in a dynamic, yet relaxed, setting geared towards the success of the artist and the gallery, we find them the most perfect fit for Cowboys and Angels. 

Beginning March 17th, 2016, the salon will be featuring a group show of portrait paintings by Jason Avery, Brit Snyder, Chris Hopkins, Jacob Dhein . We are excited to share their work with you.