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We are pleased to announce our upcoming collaboration with Artist Strider Patton. Stay tuned for our Art opening!

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"Combining artistic practice with social awareness and compassion, I have been devoting my work toward how art can change the world. After earning a master's degree in anthropology and social change, I have been connecting the dots between culture, craft, story and meaning, creating unique art and experiences that invite observer reflection and participation.

After over a decade of creating street art and murals I have developed a unique multidisciplinary approach to my projects from my training as an anthropologist and self-taught practice as an artist. My work, at it’s core, is made to start conversation while being mindful of the human condition, and to tackle humanity's biggest questions: who are we, why are we here, and where are we going? I want my work gently remind us of our shared humanity and that we are all one."

 —Strider Patton